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Episode 2 :: Kieran Rafferty

Episode 2 :: Kieran Rafferty


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Kieran Rafferty is one of the most talented drummers in Australia with an amazing career so far spanning multiple bands, genres, and theatre shows. We cover a lot on this episode, including advice for music teachers, his experience supporting KISS at Rod Laver Arena, and getting a drum lesson from Karnivool's Steve Judd.

Show References

- Kieran's Instagram: https://instagram.com/kraff18

- YouTube: Space Pit for a Free Man

- Check out Rival Fire on Spotify

- Album Recommendation: Sound Awake by Karnivool

- Artist Recommendations:

- Closure In Moscow

- Gene Krupa (Sing, Sing, Sing)

- Buddy Rich

- Animals As Leaders

- Northlane

- Tenacious D

- Film Recommendations

- The Wolf of Wall Street

- Maestro

- Anything from Christopher Nolan

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