About Tape Echoes

Hey, I’m Tyler. I’m a musician turned software engineer who learned to code after wondering,

Who’s making all this incredible recording software?

When I decided to study computer science in 2015, it was because I wanted to create music software, too. So in August, after 5 years in the tech industry, I quit a great job at a promising startup to build the multiplayer songwriting and recording app I’ve always wanted: It’s called Prototape.

I have no investors, no employees, it’s just me. It’s really tough, but it’s also some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

What’s this for then?

Recently I realised that in the process of building this, I’ve been neglecting my own musicianship. Nobody wants to buy music software from someone who doesn’t make music, and someone who doesn’t make music has no business creating music software. So I’m utilising the position I’m in to make becoming a better musician, and reconnecting with the music industry, part of my job.

Tape Echoes is a blog, and a podcast, where I’ll be sharing the conversations, and everything I learn about songwriting, music theory, sound production, and building great software for musicians.

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